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Still lives are my starting point : They are exercises in style, very inspiring esthetically.
They feature existing objects whose lives on earth were painted or photographed.  
Why not bring these objects back to life by giving them a new story ?

How to give a soul to an object ? The soul in French is called « âme », from Latin « anima » (the air, a breath, the vital principle, life) that gave the verb « to animate » in English.

Narrative structures have a special power : through any kind of story telling, life is given to characters, places and things without the need for them to be actually real.

What if a collection was a story ? and the objects its characters ?

I built the narrative using the narrative schema : it is the pattern found in the structure of most stories.

The still lives are the beginning, the starting points of the stories :

To come alive the objects have to escape their still life by going back to three-dimensionality.
In the process of leaving the painting they meet each other. These are the adventures and as characters of the story, they interact and reshape one another.
When they are ready to finish their transformations, the plot ends. Their quest of leaving the painting was a success.
The original still life having defined the atmosphere of the story, the characters are reborn in materials fitting that atmosphere.
I intended to give a soul to objects through one system. That system is the core, the spine.
Whats created around that system depends on the input.
Here the inputs are the three still lives, and even after going through the exact same system the outputs are as different from each other as the inputs are.

I am exploring the endless possibilities of narratives thanks to that structure around which the characters can grow and be given life.


Jean Siméon Chardin (1699-1779)

Nature morte avec carafe et fruits, 1728

55.7x46 cm, oil on canvas
Staatliche Kunsthalle, Karlsruhe

Siméon collection, 2018

Picture, Pierre Castignola (right)
Glassware, Marc Barreda
3D printed steel, Shapeways
Ceramics, Mathilde Philipponnat

Jan Groover  (1943-2012)

Untitled, 1987

40.3 x 56.8 cm, Chromogenic color print

NewYork, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Acquired through the generosity of Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder.
Acc. no.: 338.1994.x1-x2.
© 2019. Digital image, The Museum of Modern Art, NewYork/Scala, Florence
© Photo SCALA, Florence

Jan collection, 2018 

3D printed steel, Shapeways
Cnced acacia wood

Maurice de Vlaminck (1876-1958)

Nature Morte, 1909-1911

54x65cm, oil on canvas 
Christie's Images Limited.
© 2019.Christie's Images, London/Scala, Florence
© Photo SCALA, Florence

Maurice collection, 2018
Picture collection alone, Pierre Castignola (right)

Plastic 3D prints, Shapeways
Ceramics (pictures soon to come), Mathilde Philipponnat
Featured in Wallpaper Magazine, January 2020 issue