Siméon Jan Maurice Giorgio

To come alive the objects have to escape their still life by going back to three-dimensionality.
In the process of leaving the painting they meet each other. These are the adventures and as characters of the story, they interact and reshape one another.
When they are ready to finish their transformations, the plot ends. Their quest of leaving the painting was a success.
The original still life having defined the atmosphere of the story, the characters are reborn in materials fitting that atmosphere.
I intended to give a soul to objects through one system. That system is the core, the spine.
Whats created around that system depends on the input.
Here the inputs are the three still lives, and even after going through the exact same system the outputs are as different from each other as the inputs are.

I am exploring the endless possibilities of shape thanks to that structure around which the characters can grow and be given life.