Distanced Bodies observes social distancing through the lens of micro fictions as it showcases subjective models of the COVID-19 pandemic, taking place in an anomalous space, a temporary frozen reality. If we put everything on hold, are these the standards? This question resonates through scenes of daily life recreated from widely accessible images.
The created narratives act as models of distancing, showing possible next steps. People are replaced by mannequin dummies, test-proofing each situation and the realities deriving from it. The question arises: How do we remain human whilst having to act as though we weren’t?
Six movies hang in time and space, offering an anomalous extra dimensional space inspecting reality where standards of distancing have become laws of physics that govern the relation between bodies and environment. Considering widely-spread images of distancing, where are we heading?

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Directed, written and animated by
Clara Ormières and Mathilde Philipponnat

CGI assistant : Stijn Stumpel
Sound Design : Tibo Vincent-Ducimetière
Text : Jeannette Petrik